Three Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

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Three Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

Using skin care products is one of the activity that are often to be done by women on the daily basis. It is not surprising since women care more about their appearance where skin appears to be the part of their body which is exposed to the public. Using skin care products is basically one of the many skin maintenance's which can be found in today’s era.

However, using skin care products are relatively cheaper than other type of skin care maintenance's such as laser treatment, Botox treatment, and also plastic surgery. Although it doesn’t offer a fast highway to a satisfying result but people are keener to use skin care products since it is far cheaper and there are lots of choice.

In example Exposed Skin Care, this one is as far as I know it is the best in the market approved by more than 250000 users since 2002, read Nancy's explanation on her website and find out here. There are actually some things that we should know form skin care products since we cannot just apply it to our skin without being aware of many things inside the skin care products. Therefore, in here we are going to give several tips and tricks of skin care ingredients to avoid.


Knowing skin care ingredients to avoid is very important since some of the ingredient may cause severe skin diseases to our skin. It is not that hard actually to identify ingredients which cannot be existed in the skin care products where we can directly see the ingredient of the skin care products’ package and identify them as either a safe ingredient or a dangerous ingredient based on the information that we derive from experts or internet. There will be several dangerous ingredients for skin care products that will be told in here thus we can use this information to help us tracking down dangerous ingredients in a certain skin care product.

DMDM Hydantoin

The first ingredient which is categorized as skin care ingredients to avoid is the DMDM hydantoin. DMDM hydantoin is basically a formaldehyde family which is a very dangerous ingredient if we use it as a skin care product. The fact is that this ingredient is commonly found in many hair products and even in skin moisturizers. Using skin care products which contain DMDM hydantoin can lead to a very bad consequence since it is a carcinogen ingredient.

Yes, it means that we will be more prone to cancer. The cancer which can attack our body by having this ingredient in our body is the nasopharyngeal cancer. This ingredient also will cause several side effects such as headaches, eye damage, immune dysfunction, and many other horrifying side effects. Thus, if we find any skin care products which contain this ingredient, avoid it immediately.


The second ingredient which is categorized as skin care ingredients to avoid is paraffin. This ingredient is basically yield the same effect with petrolatum and also mineral oil where it can cause several dangerous skin issues. Firstly, this ingredient will make our skin just like it is being coated by plastic.

Why? Because this product will clog our pores with toxic where if it is being used continuously, it will let the toxic to build up which can be very dangerous. Paraffin also will hamper the cellular development hence it will emerge the aging signs earlier. The worst consequence that we will get by using skin care products which contain paraffin is cancer.


The third ingredient which is categorized as skin care ingredients to avoid is Triclosan. The cool fact about triclosan is that one drop of this ingredient is used for 300 Olympic swimming pools whereas there is a certain skin care product which use triclosan more than one drop in a single skin care product. Is it dangerous? In fact, yes, it is extremely dangerous when it is applied to our skin. EPA itself has categorized this ingredient to be a pesticide where it is both dangerous for human and environment.

Triclosan will not cause small side effects whereas it wall cause huge side effects. Some of the side effect which will be caused by this ingredient are decreasing fertility, sexual dysfunction, altering genetic material, and other dangerous side effects. In conclusion, there are several things that we should know before we use skin care products where one of them is skin care ingredients to avoid since it may lead to several skin diseases which can threat our life as its worst consequence.

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